FC Zirconia Promo

FCZir Promo
Beautiful. Esthetic. Ideal. Full Contour Zirconia Crowns from Artistic Dental Design, Inc. Call today for a pick-up and receive your 1st Full Contour Zirconia Restoration for FREE!!! Why use FC Zirconia for your next prosterior restoration? • High Flexural Strength • Resistance to Thermal Shock • Metal-free Esthetics • Terrific wear Compatibility At Artistic Dental Design, Inc. all of our FC Zirconia restorations are scanned using state-of-the-art CADCAM technology that guarant...

Help with Common Lab Problems

Common Lab Problems
We spent the time and money creating this page with the hope that the effort will resolve common lab problems and the dentist may not have to stop using a lab that is otherwise able to deliver the quality and price the dentist likes.We wish that all dentists could get perfect results from any lab while using any impression material. As we all know, that isn't even close to reality. Occasionally some dentists become frustrated with the work they receive from their lab. There are occasions...

Warranty Policy

Our Warranty Policy: Our warranty policy is intended to be as fair as possible for the dentist, the patient, and for us. We rely heavily on the dentists' honesty and integrity to tell us why the restoration failed. If the restoration failed as a result of trauma or abuse by the Pt and the dentist is charging the Pt for the new restoration, then we would want the dentist to tell us that so we can also charge for the lab-work. Our Remake Policy: In all instances, we will abide by the ...

Shipping Info

We pay all shipping/delivery costs both ways on all regular lab work. Ask us for our fee schedule for details. To keep our cost as low as possible: all pick-ups and deliveries beyond 25 miles from our lab are completed by UPS or courier service. We supply your office with pre-printed UPS shipping labels (with all of your info on them), or all of the supplies for a courier service, as well as all case-boxes, bio-bags and other case-related supplies. We provide overnight shipping service ...

Prices & Terms

Prices We do not put our prices for dental crowns on this web site… Why? First, we firmly believe that how much a dentists pays for their products and services is confidential. The dentists' other labs and their patients should not have that information. Nobody can argue the need to keep lab costs as low as possible. But we understand that it doesn't help you if you save $10 - $20 on a crown but neither you nor the patient are entirely happy with the esthetics and the crowns take too lo...

Our Commitment

Our laboratory is structured around the concept of completing each case exactly as each doctor wants it done.
Our commitment to the dentists and the dental patients We all know that most patients are more informed and their expectations are higher than they were 10 - 20 years ago. When something doesn't meet their expectations, some may not say anything; they just won't refer family and friends, so our job is to make your patients very happy with you and "your" work. How do we do that? We're not a factory. We don't have 50 employees - all adding their interpretation to a dental crown as it mov...