Help with Common Lab Problems

Common Lab Problems

We spent the time and money creating this page with the hope that the effort will resolve common lab problems and the dentist may not have to stop using a lab that is otherwise able to deliver the quality and price the dentist likes.We wish that all dentists could get perfect results from any lab while using any impression material. As we all know, that isn’t even close to reality. Occasionally some dentists become frustrated with the work they receive from their lab.

There are occasions when the impression material is truly causing the problem OR the lab lacks the expertise to accomplish the dentist’s goal(s). But often there’s a plausible explanation for the failure and a viable solution – other than the ubiquitous “bad impression” or “incompetent lab”. If you’ve tried multiple impression materials and / or multiple labs and you’re still experiencing frustration, there are a few considerations that could help remedy the problems.

Below are links to 7 “trouble-shooting” PDFs that were supplied by 3M ESPE. These PDFs are not intended to place blame, but rather, they’re posted with the intent that they’ll eliminate a problem for the dentist. We hope that dentists will view these PDFs with an open, objective prospective and consider them in the spirit that they’re offered.

Feel free to print these sheets and provide them to your staff or to your current lab.

Repeatedly short margins
Tight Fitting Crowns
Voids on the margins
Impression is not set, tacky or has “orange-peel” texture
Difficulty establishing vertical and horizontal relationship of the lab’s articulated model
Ledges in the impression