Prices and Terms


We do not put our prices for dental crowns on this web site… Why?
First, we firmly believe that how much a dentists pays for their products and services is confidential. The dentists’ other labs and their patients should not have that information.

Nobody can argue the need to keep lab costs as low as possible. But we understand that it doesn’t help you if you save $10 – $20 on a crown but neither you nor the patient are entirely happy with the esthetics and the crowns take too long to seat.

We wish we could spend very little time on each restoration and keep the costs really low for you. But we spend enough time on every case to ensure it’s done right, because wasting $50 or more of your time and your assistant’s time grinding and adjusting to seat every other crown will more than off-set the satisfaction of saving $25 on each crown.

HOWEVER, some dentists require the least expensive crowns available, and for that, we know we can’t be the solution. But, an inexpensive crown isn’t a good deal if the dentist and staff needs to deal with rescheduled work because the lab-work won’t work and / or the patients are “wandering off” to new dentists because they’re not happy. There are plenty of labs that are focused on low price; we focus on “getting it right” not “getting it done as cheap as possible”.

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Prices & Terms

We offer open account terms of ‘net 30 days’ (from statement date). Simply stated:
An invoice is sent with each case. You don’t need to pay from that invoice. An itemized statement is mailed out on the first day of each month. All charges and payments that occurred during the previous month appear on that statement.