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Artistic Dental Design Inc. is a full service dental lab in Phoenix, AZ.

Running a dental practice isn’t easy – we KNOW that!
Dentists have a huge investment to protect, so they need to give every patient the best care possible while at the same time keeping the staff happy, dealing with A/P & A/R, monitoring and dealing with operating costs, staying current with CE requirements, keeping up with new technology, and on and on, and.. In the end, they’re supposed to have some time and money left over so they can have some quality family / social time.
We believe that all dental labs should understand the dentists’ situation and help them – NOT be yet another challenge the dentists have to deal with.

Help with Common Lab Problems
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Warranty Policy
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Shipping Info
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Here are some of the ways we help you;
• We serve all of Arizona and southern Nevada with high-quality restorations with reasonable fees and 24-hour pick-ups and deliveries.
• You get the full selection of crown & bridge options, implant work, dentures and partials, etc., so you only have to deal with one lab for almost everything you need.
• You have standard procedures that ensure each restoration is built the way YOU want it.
• You have a lab that understands the importance of your time, your staffs’ time, and pts’ time, so you’ll get EVERY case back when you expect it.
• You get effective programs to help grow your practice and reduce your material costs without being a distraction to you.

With respect for your time, we’ve made an effort to keep each page of this web site brief yet informative.
If this web site fails to answer all of your questions please Contact Us.

FC Zir Promo

FC Zirconia Promo

Beautiful. Esthetic. Ideal.
Full Contour Zirconia Crowns from Artistic Dental Design, Inc.

Call today for a pick-up and receive your 1st Full Contour Zirconia Restoration for FREE!!!

Why use FC Zirconia for your next prosterior restoration?
• High Flexural Strength
• Resistance to Thermal Shock
• Metal-free Esthetics
• Terrific wear Compatibility

At Artistic Dental Design, Inc. all of our FC Zirconia restorations are scanned using state-of-the-art CADCAM technology that guarantees a perfect fit every time!


Artistic Dental Design, Inc.
12251 N. 32nd St. Ste-3
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Toll Free: 1(866) 971-9544
Phoenix Metro: (602) 971-9544
Fax: (602) 867-3665